5x Forex strategies to pass the FTMO Challenge MT4

5x Forex strategies to pass the FTMO Challenge.

Meeting every single FTMO Rule. When taking on the FTMO challenge, there are clear rules you’ll need to meet as a forex trader. These rules include: Maximum 30 trade days Minimum 10 trade days 5% Maximum daily loss 10% Maximum total loss 10% Profit target 1:100 Leverage Our design rules Trend following Profit factor 1.5+ Ranging market filter Non repainting Closed bars only Varying entries and exits No curve fitting of parameters Multi Time Frame Robustness Can take market blows Imperfect entry ok Minimised screen time Cannot blow an account Script stability Frequent trade entries
backtest result


https://ftmostrategies.com/strategies/Ethereum-Averaging https://ftmostrategies.com/strategies/Ethereum-Averaging-run-2 https://ftmostrategies.com/strategies/Ethereum-Averaging-run-3 https://ftmostrategies.com/strategies/bitcoin-Averaging https://ftmostrategies.com/strategies/ethereum-bitcoin-averaging

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