All Index Scalper 12.0 MT4

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Important upgrade : Risk mode added / Fast order close within 1 sec Warning : Do not use another EA / other manual trade with IIIII scalper , only run in a 200 USD account with IIIII only . Signals monitors :  Here  ( My live record started with 200USD / Risk Free already in 6 trading days , The faster order closed less than 1 sec ) Concept of IIIII All Index Scalper IIIII EA: Use small capital which you can risk to make as an snow ball , and try to take some pips from those Index CFD quoting . Sometimes the Drawdown is high because some pair require more margin to open so this is the only point to make Drawdown higher than 50% . Even the account blow up , I will keep using same account and go on / Please focus on Profit madefrom the account. Do not think it’s high drawdown is horrible, you are seeking for profit here in , not seeking for low drawdown here Instruction: IIIII All Index Scalper IIIII which I am using on following pairs and keep upgrading Recommended pairs : Please separate account by using different mode , one for Aggressive mode , one for Normal Mode For Index : AUS200 , HK50 , UK100 , US30 , US500 , US2000 , USTEC  , CHINAH , JP225 , ES35 We only suggest those pairs due to trading period are longer to prevent margin hold too long from other pairs .  Main features :
  • No Parameter to be set , we do not suggest any .set file so much , just the same as we do not judge a EA with Tester result
  • Users just need to put on those charts to start
  • Fully Dynamic on controlling risk to every different index pairs
  • Start with 200 USD   ( not each pair 200USD , the whole account only need 200 USD to run all pairs )
  • Support for Account currency : USD , EUR , HKD , AUD , CAD , GBP , SGD , JPY
  • M1
  • All brokers are good
Parameters :
  • Magic : Please change any of a number here to all different pairs with same one , for example , 11111 to all the pairs in the same terminal
  • Use Auto Lotsize : I suggest to use it , but for some special brokers or special users style , you can false it and change your own Fixed lot size
  • Fixed Lot Size : if Use Auto Lotsize is true , this is not important and no use
  • riskMM =  Aggressive mode , which fast get 100% and also the concept of mine , faster make 100% and not gonna scare of margin call .
  • riskMM  = NormalMode , less order but also not a low risk due to the concept of this EA .

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