Ash Ai 7.25 Mt5 (Password zip = “”)

Artificial Intelligence Based Expert After +7 years of coding Deep Learning Algorithms with Python and +9 years of Trading and developing MT5 and MT4 Experts and indicators I have created an expert that uses Algorithms collected by AI to buy and sell on 2 different pairs (“EURUSD” , “GBPUSD”) on two different time frames (“H4”, “H1”) for each pair automatically. Special offer: 3 copies will be sold at the price of 349(30% discount) ,only 1 is left. For live: Run the EA on EURUSD Symbol (Timeframe H1) and it will automatically pick pairs and start trading. For Backtest: just set the symbol on EURUSD Symbol (Timeframe H1) and Tester Method can be any of these 3: (Every tick, Every tick based on real tick, 1M OHLC). IMPORTANT:
  • Rental:
  1. When you rent the product I will add up to 2 extra symbols (CFD, Forex Pairs, Metals,…) that you like to the expert (if you want i can remove the current symbols from expert) and send it to you with Whatsapp or Email , this way the expert will be unique to you and market wont adapt to the expert
  • Purchasing:
  1. If you purchase it there is no limit to the number of symbols you can ask
  2. I will add custom options to the expert if you need.(I will recommend some options)
  3. I will send one of my other products free of charge alongside one custom indicator that i wrote and i use myself
Note 1: MT4 version of the expert will be uploaded in Oct 31. Note 2: Send PM after you purchased the expert, i will add you to a Whatsapp group and we can share ideas and answer all your questions and help you to run the EA safely Note 3: from now (Oct), I will give an update every week and will add new pairs to it or/and update its algorithm to keep it as updated as i can, so stay tuned and have fun 😉 It does NOT include any risky strategies like Martingale and … All Trades are covered by StopLoss and TakeProfit. The maximum accuracy Backtests showed a high payout rate and very Low DrawDown. Inputs:Lot calculation type: can be either Fixed lot which lot will always be same amount or risk percent which is calculated base on Stoploss size
  1. Fixed lot Size: in case of choosing Fixed lot
  2. Risk Percent: It Has a risk management system which you can set your maximum money loss in one trade by percent.(I recommend 2 to 4).
  3. Deposit Currency: your deposit money currency for better calculation of risk management.
Trade Direction: You can choose to only open long or only shorts or both of them Expert magic number Trade start Hour: Starting hour for opening new orders (separated by “:” ,example:  16:20) Trade end Hour: Ending hour for opening new orders Trailing Stop: It has 3 methods: (1)Fixed Distance, (2)Base on ATR , (3)Profit of all orders
  1. Fixed Distance: distance is fixed on the pips you set
  2. Base on ATR :uses ATR to calculate the distance pips
  3. Profit of all orders : it trails the sum profit of all orders(it wont change the StopLoss)
You can download and test the demo on your broker and see the results yourself.

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