ATG Gold 5.0 v2.1 (Official) MT4

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Autotrade Gold (ATG 5.0) is an automatic trading bot speculating on gold futures.  It targets a daily gain between 0.5 and 1.5%. In general, it will place only one trade per day unless that trade is at loss. In that case, the bot will try to recover with a second trade and stop for the day.


  • Since March 2020, Autotrade Gold averages 15% monthly returns
  • Trades in “scalping” mode, only one position at a time
  • Gains are automatically reinvested
  • Minimum deposit of only $100
  • Withdrawals limited to $2000/day, or up to 10% of balance under certain conditions
  • License payable once, valid for life
  • Automatic trading bot operating Monday through Friday when Forex market is open
* Steps below marked with a * do not need to be repeated if you are already registered with Autotrade Crypto.


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