Banker EA 2019 (PASSING FTMO EA) MT4

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Banker EA 2019 (PASSING FTMO EA)

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die”

Warren Buffett

You don’t need to know where the markets are going next.Let the Banker EA do all the work for you.

(Also designed with Funding Trader Programmes in mind.  With Proven Results to back it all up…)

“POW as a team is simply amazing, great service and the team/group members are always ready to help or answer any question you have. I’m currently using the Banker EA, and it has been NUTS!!! 10/10 based on performance so far. Steady profits.

Eyitemi Olofomi Sagay, Ukraine

How does it work?

The Banker EA will work 24/5 so you don’t have to.

Entering Buys and Sells at the same time, means the overall market direction doesn’t matter.
  • It run’s itself 24/5.  Once setup, the EA will do it’s thing – whilst you go about your day as normal.
  • Hedging & Averaging Strategy.  It will enter both buys and sells as and when required.
  • Integrated Risk Management.  Manage open drawdown with an equity SL feature, all built in.
  • Built with Prop Trading in mind.  That’s right, you want an EA that will help you pass a Challenge and trade live.  We’ve integrated the most common Prop Trading rules so we can prove it works and identify settings that will in turn increase the probability of a Challenge Pass!
  • The average challenge pass rate from our research is less than 8%.  We can 9X this with proven pass rates of in excess of 74% on our GU Settings – all without the stress of analysis and being in front of the charts.
  • We’ve done the hard work testing to identify these higher probability settings and these are shared within our Discord Server to save you time having to do the same.
  • Use a Prop Firm where trades have to be closed on a Friday?  We have you covered with that too, the EA can close all trades itself on a Friday pm and start again whenever you want – all automatically.
  • A NEW RSI Feature – the RSI Feature will help reduce the frequency and draw down of trades – this can be as specific as you want it to be. With customisable timeframes and RSI Periods.

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