Beautiful Beast 90 Percent Wins 4.5 MT4

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MBfx Beautiful Beast is a fully automated EA that uses machine learning auto-adapting methods to drive trading performance and open and close trades; Each FX pair has between 5 to 10 machines learning algorithms driving 20 to 50 algorithmic models per pair.
Beautiful Beast 90 Percent Wins
Beautiful Beast 90 Percent Wins
Timeframe and EA deployment This strategy is designed for the H1 timeframe. GMT+2 & DST US brokers only. Place the EA on the chart of the relevant FX pair and select the risk setting to match your risk preference. We firmly recommend low risk. Be sure to select the FX pair from the SymbolToTrade parameter that matches the chart selected so AUDUSD chart and SymbolToTrade = AUDUSD.
Display Info’ Panel Option to display profit information on the chart
Autolot Set to true to enable auto lot. A false setting will default to fixed lot trading.
Fixed Lot The lot size for fixed lot trading
Risk Low risk = $1000 per 0.01 lotMedium risk = $500 per 0.01 lotHigh Risk = $200 per 0.01 lot
Balance SL Percent Balance stop-loss. 25 = 25%
Overlap Prevent System This helps to prevent different currency pairs from opening trades at the same time.  Set to 1 to limit the trades to one currency pair at a time.
TimeRangeFrom Start trading time
TimeRangeTo Stop trading time
Close All Positions At Hour Close all positions at this hour. 0 = disabled
Pip Distance Between Trades  The minimum pip distance between trades
Take Profit in Pips The pip take profit
Max Spread in Points Maximum spread in points. Trades are not placed should a pair’s spread exceed this amount.
Lot Multiplier Allows martingale position sizing
Xmas stop trading day & New Year start trade day This sets the day in December you’d like to stop opening new initial positions and the day in January you’d like to start opening new initial positions.
Beautiful Beast 90 Percent Wins

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