Billion Idea 1.64 MT4

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Billion Idea 1.64

Billion Idea (BI) EA is a multi-strategist. Advisor works based an unique combination of indicators and strategies. EA is suitable for both experienced and beginner traders. Expert supports opening and closing orders at specific hours during a day. EA has built-in spread and slippage protector. No dangerous money management techniques are used.  Expert is also bundled with profit locking features like Breakeven and Trailing Stop.


  • Each trade is protected with Hidden TP and SL from broker
  • Safe Money management support
  • EA supports both compounding interest based auto lot and fixed lot trading
  • Built-In Spread Protector
  • EA has Profit Locking features (Breakeven, Trailing, Profit Lock)
  • EA has unique Protect from consecutive losses feature
  • Advisor has bundled with four unique strategies for signal confirmation
  • Expert has bundled with two unique filters for signal quality
  • EA allows to trade at specific time during a day or every day
  • EA allows to close orders at specific time on Friday
  • Advisor uses Entry rules with multi-strategist confirmation
  • Advisor uses Exit rules with one or more strategy confirmation (customized from settings parameters)


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Money Management

Use Auto Lot Mode 100 * Number of pairs. For example, if you are trying two pairs, your Auto Lot Mode should be 200 for each pair. Note : Auto Lot Mode => 100 = Aggressive, 200 = Medium, 500 = Conservative
Billion Idea

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