Breakouts Master 3.1 MT4

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Breakouts Master is a fully functional automated system that uses a time-tested strategy for breaking out of important price levels, adapted to modern conditions. This technique has appeared since the inception of financial markets and is still used by many professional traders, as well as hedge funds, as it shows good results for decades. The Expert Advisor uses price action to determine the levels, which is an indisputable advantage in comparison with constantly lagging indicators.

The Expert is fully automated and must be turned on 24 hours a day to work, therefore we recommend using a VPS server, which will ensure uninterrupted round-the-clock work of the Expert.

ATTENTION! Breakouts Master trades at a strictly specified time in GMT. The standard GMT offset is GMT + 2. If your broker’s time zone is different from GMT + 2, you should change the “GMT Offset” parameter to indicate the GMT of your broker (not your computer!). For example, if your broker has a GMT + 4 time zone, then set 4, if GMT – 3, then – 3. Indicate winter time.


Platform: MT4

Timeframe: H1

Currency: USDJPY, EURUSD, GBPUSD (presets)

Type: trading on the breakout of price levels

Trading time: around the clock

Minimum deposit: $ 100


– does not use dangerous martingale or grid strategies;

– fixed stop loss, which allows you to control the maximum level of risk per trade;

– take profit is greater than stop loss:

most traders are inclined to the idea that the profit should be several times higher than the potential loss, this allows you to win strategies in the long term and not merge the earned profit with a pair of losing trades;

– no indicators

indicators are prone to lagging and redrawing, which negatively affects profitability, price action is considered a more promising approach when analyzing markets;

– automatic reinvestment of earned profits for further trading;

the advisor increases the volume of transactions according to the size of the deposit, including taking into account the earned profit, which makes it possible to achieve compound interest;

– fully automated;

– uses the classic system of technical analysis for breakouts of price levels, proven for decades, modernized for the modern market.


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