DragonScalper 1.2 version unlimited MT4

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DragonScalper 1.2 version unlimited

Lets be honest, would you buy EA with no track record and with just a sketchy backtest curve fitted to data that fails miserably on live trading?

Live MYFXBOOK Account Trading performance for DragonScalper:   https://www.alnotrade.com/dragonscalper

DragonScalper Expert Advisor has over +1000% Annual Gain with Low controlled Drawdown in LIVE Trading IC MARKETS LIVE account over 1 YEAR and 4 MONTHS RUNNING. Winning 15/16 Months.  RENT it from only $99 a month.   Are you ready to trade with something other than a grid, martingale or a night scalper which accounts for 95% of the systems sold here? Martingale looks good until you wake up some morning and the Forex bear has eaten your porridge. As for night scalpers, good luck trading over 10k lots, your fills and slippage will kill performance drastically. Before you buy an EA ask yourself; 1. Does EA have LIVE money track record for a reasonable amount of time? 2. Is the LIVE money track record in a reputable, regulated and well-known broker? 3. Is there drawdown control and no hidden massive open trading losses? 4. Can the EA demonstrate backtest capability? DragonScalper can answer all 4 above questions with a RESOUNDING “YES”. Dragon backtests extensively well and runs live very well. The secret to success is using price action (PA) based entry over indicator entry. In PA strategy, the system always ahead of market because the price action is validating the trade. No movement – no trade! Over 2100+ Live traders watch this system on myfxbook, it has a global following. No Martingale, no grid. Always fixed stop loss & take profit.(25pips). No overnight or weekend holding. Pure intraday trader. Max 3 trades per day. GBPJPY only currency pair. Only 9 left at $499, NEXT PRICE $699. Final Stop $1999 About Dragon Dragon for MT4 is a fully automated,100% hands free trading system. Dragon EA will place orders at specific support and resistance levels using 3 different charts and remove them by 5pm UK time if they are not triggered. It uses 25 pip SL and 25 pip TP with trailing stop function activated at +10 pips. Dragon EA uses a recovery function on the NEXT DAY that will increase the trade size x2 after loss for 2 levels max. (maximum ever lot is X4 bigger than start lot) Best with low spread GPBJPY broker, target 0.5 pips. (Brokers –  Axi, VantageFX, ICmarkets, etc) Dragon EA will keep your balance liquid at all times. (Balance = Equity). Never any weekend or overnight holding trades, every trade closes at 9pm UK time every day. BACKTESTING SUCCESSFULLY Our backtests can be found under strategies of our myfxbook profile: https://www.alnotrade.com/dragonscalper Video here: https://youtu.be/X4A39B2PFpo To do successful backtest, download MT4 from ICmarkets and use chart 5 min. Download the data and run every tick mode. You will need to run 3 separate tests with Boxendhour 0905, then 1005 and finally 1145. Critical ***When conducting backtest or running it live change Points above range and below range from 50 to 10. (10 = 1 pip). It should always have been 10 and we don’t want to release a upgrade just to change this parameter, when user can change easily*** 1. Poor quality GBJPY data source in your broker 2. Wide broker spreads in backtest. 3. Wrong GMT settings for your data/broker. e.g Duka data is GMT, not GMT+3 like IC. 4. Wrong Timeframe- Use 5 min data and download 1 min data for every tick test. 5. You did’nt change points above/below range to 10 from 50. I will personally help and guide you install and set-up properly after purchase, both for Dragon and IndexTRADER EA, making sure you get the most from both EA. Contact me on chat for set files after purchase!!! Dragon Update to Trading window and Trailing Stop Loss on 20th August 2021 – dramatically improve performance stability, Please visit our setup page to see changes we made on this day to operating times and trailing stop changes:  https://www.alnotrade.com/dragonsetup

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