EA Among us 1.0 MT4

(Password zip = "getforexea.com")

This EA uses the Trend Wave indicator and it can identify the beginning and the end of a new wave trend movement. As an oscillator, the indicator identifies the overbought and oversold zones.  It works great to catch the short term price reversals and uses a martingale strategy to close all trades in profit.  Use default settings on m15 or higher time frame on any pair for more accurate trades! You need an account that allows hedging!

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  • Max Buys – the maximum number of buy orders that the Trading Advisor can open.
  • Max Sells – the maximum number of sell orders that the Trading Advisor can open.
  • Comment – comment on orders.
  • Lot – the starting lot.
  • Use dinamic lot – use a dynamic lot.
  • Martin – the coefficient of increasing the lot.
  • Grid distance – the distance between orders.
  • Maxlot – the maximum lot.Take Profit – take profit.
  • Stop Loss points – stop loss in points.
  • Stop loss % – stop loss as a percentage of the deposit.
  • Overlap-enables the algorithm for reducing the drawdown in which the last profitable and the first unprofitable order is closed.
  • Overlap after X trade – from which order the drawdown reduction algorithm will be enabled.
  • Maperiod – Ma using at Rainbow indicator for enter.
  • Next, the parameters for drawing graphics.


  • Use the following pairs:  cadchf; audcad; eurcad; eurusd; gbpusd; gbpaud; eurgbp; euraud; nzdusd; usdcad; usdchf; xauusd; usdjpy (15m)
  • Contact me for set files

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