EA Flower 5.6 MT5

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The Expert Advisor is developed based on the mathematical analysis of the “HFT” price. The Expert Advisor analyzes the opening and closing of a bar. If the sequence of rising or falling prices is violated, the EA opens trades. High-frequency trading, or high-frequency trading, or HFT strategies in the financial markets that allow you to make transactions with securities in a fraction of a second. High-frequency traders open and close short-term positions with large volumes in order to obtain small profits (sometimes at the level of fractions of a cent per share) on each trade. For HFT trading, they do not require too much capital, do not accumulate positions and do not hold portfolios. As a result, the potential Sharpe ratio for high-frequency trading (a measure of risk and reward) is ten times higher than for traditional strategies such as Buy and hold. Usually HFT traders compete only with each other, but not with long-term investors.  Each trade has a take profit and a stop loss The trailing stop system is configured to close a trade in a safe mode. Recommended pairs for trading Working pairs   EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, EURJPY,  DE 30 Index Cash (DE30Cash)

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