EA Golden Elephant v13 MT4

(Password zip = "getforexea.com")

Anger conquers fear from Thomas Shelby

IMPORTANT! Contact me immediately after purchase for instructions and a bonus!

The Expert Advisor is designed to detect a trend reversal by trading with the XAUUSD instrument

The intelligent EA Golden Elephant algorithm accurately detects the trend reversal of the XAUUSD (gold) trading pair, filters out market noise and generates entry and exit signals.

The Expert Advisor has aggressive management and trading methods, which allows you to get big profits in a short time.

The settings are designed for a minimum deposit of $ 1000.

The trading timeframe is M5.

• Minimum deposit 1000 $ (per trading pair)

• Settings are available here

• Broker with minimal slippage.

• Any type of account

• Leverage 1: 500 or higher

• Easy to set up and use


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