EA Passing [MQ4]

Decompiled code EA PASSING

A good trading plan and a lot of discipline. This objective is what the operation of the automatic execution service with trading systems pursues: to adhere without emotions, to the programmed rules of a trading plan.

What you should know before operating with our automatic system
EAPASSING – Bot is the automation of our manual trading strategies.
Therefore, its operation will be governed by the operating guidelines of such strategies.
Trade based on breakout of specific ranges.
All parameters are configurable: SL and TP size, position size (volume), BreakEven and dynamic SL, partial taking, maximum daily trades, spread margin, analysis hours and operating hours.
It can be used to trade the Dow Jones Stock Index (US30). However, if another instrument is identified and its effectiveness is verified, it can also be used.

more info: https://eapassing.com/

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