Euronis Scalper V1.274 MT5

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The legendary scalper is on the market! ADVANTAGES
  • Scalping strategy without gridding or the martingale method
  • Uses Limit Orders for entry and TakeProfit for the best execution and no slippage
  • Uses real and virtual (hidden) StopLoss levels
  • Custom indicators for a more accurate market entry and exit, without waiting for drawdown
  • Trade modeling based on real tick history from top brokers since 2015
  • Single chart installation to run all currency pairs for easy configuration
  • No need to import settings, the Robot has all logic built in
  • Works on any time setting: Auto GMT and DST detection
  • Advanced visual analysis of trade configuration on one chart
SIGNALS (LIVE TRADING) Standard risks: acc1acc2 Expert risks : acc3 BROKER SUGGESTIONS ECN brokers recommended, for example: ICMarketsWeltradePepperstoneTickmill Lower spreads – better performance!The minimum deposit is from $100. For smooth lots adjustment $300-500 recommended ROBOT INSTALLATION Load Robot on one chart. EURUSD or GBPUSD any period. The EA should be running 24/7.The default settings are optimal INPUT PARAMETERS Symbols Setup Settings_Profile_Name – select a profile for trading. live_performance – more sensitive, live_stability – less sensitive Settings_Symbol_List – symbol list through comma Settings_Symbol_Prefix – prefix to the symbol name Settings_Symbol_Suffix – suffix to the symbol name Portfolio_Magic_Number – Magic ID Portfolio_Comment – position comments Portfolio_Auto_ON_Button – auto run EA on when put on a chart Portfolio_Max_Orders – max number of opened positions Volume Management Lots_Fixed – fix lot value Lots_Percent – lots in percentage of deposit value Risk_Percent – lots based on each pair StopLoss Lots_Update_Mode – enable/disable lots reinvestment mode Risk_Percent_StopLoss_Min_Pips – min StopLoss value to count Risk_Percent Engine Options Trade_Hedging_Open_Mode – orders open mode limit/market Trade_Hedging_StopLoss_Mode – StopLoss close mode real/virtual Trade_Hedging_TakeProfit_Mode – TakeProfit close mode real/virtual Slippage – max deviation Time Options TT_Define_Mode – enable/disable auto DST and GMT setup TT_Manual_GMT_Offset – manual GMT (for backtesting) TT_Manual_DST_Mode – manual DST switch mode (for backtesting) Skip_Week_Begin – skip monday open trading RollOver_Begin – RollOver time start RollOver_End – RollOver time end RollOver_Close_Enable – enable/disable RollOver close TT_US_Holidays_Days_OFF – disable trading on US Holidays TT_Skip_Christmas_Holidays – disable trading on Christmas Holidays Other Options TEST_Result_Mode – result field for optimization Show_Comments – enable/disable chart comments TRADING PAIRS AND RISK LEVELS The Euronis tuned up for 10 high performance pairs. No set files needed, all settings are build-in Two trading profiles for high sensitive live_performance (recommended) and low sensitive live_stability trading (for spreads more than usual) EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDCAD, USDJPY settings has lower StopLoss, but less performance EURAUD, GBPAUD, AUDCAD, EURCAD, CHFJPY settings has higher StopLoss, but more performance It balances the performance and trading stability. Risk_Percent=2 for leverage 1:30 (low risk level for 10 pairs) Risk_Percent=5 for leverage from 1:100 (standard default risk level for 10 pairs ) Risk_Percent=10   for leverage from 1:400 (expert for advanced trader. Recommended to use the best performer pairs in that mode: GBPUSD,  EURAUD, GBPAUD, AUDCAD, EURCAD, CHFJPY) For extra power AUDNZD settings available See more details in the manual on Comments page
Euronis Scalper MT4

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