Forex Incontrol reborn 1.30 MT4 (Patch)

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  • NEW mode – Accelerator
  • Control Drawdown
  • Trade on 2 Currencies
  • Diversify Risks
  • Do all that with Forex inControl Reborn
First of all here is our LIVE Trading Statistics:Forex inControlThe trading statistics is based on our real money account and its performance is verified by Myfxbook.

Main things that make Forex inControl profitable and reliable:

1. Hard control of Drawdown

The most important thing in Forex trading is not to lose your deposit. That is why you need a proper money management. Our EA allows to specify a maximal possible drawdown precisely, so that under any circumstances you wouldn’t lose more than expected. In the represented EA we applied a technology that automatically sets StopLoss for all orders on such a price, that will not let you lose a dollar more than it is pointed in the settings of the EA.

2. Trading on 2 different pairs

The algorithm of Forex inControl is so unique that the EA can easily work on many currency pairs. But we chose two best ones. Trading on two currency pairs makes it possible to cover potential losses on one pair by the profit from trading on the other one. Such diversification allows to get a stable profit.

3. Risks and Profits

Trading on two currency pairs with a possibility to limit a drawdown separately on each of them, gives a great opportunity to diversify your profit and risks. That will allow you to get a stable profit at minimal risks.

Trading history results for over 15-16 years!

Backtest is the only effective method which helps to get an idea of how the EA will trade on the Market in the future. With Forex inControl we were able to make backtests for the last 15-16 years on each currency pair. This is a phenomenal result, and it confirms that our EA is really reliable and stable to all kind of news and changes on Forex.

LIVE trading results

The trading statistics is based on our real money account and its performance is verified by Myfxbook.LIVE
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Forex inControl Reborn is a professional software, developed for both experienced and inexperienced traders

Some features of Forex inControl:

  • Extremely easy to set up
  • Fully automated
  • Trades on 2 pairs
  • Hard Drawdown control
  • Conservative, Normal and Aggressive styles of trading
  • Backtests for over 14 years
  • Verified live trading statistics

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