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Congratulations! You have come to the page of the longest running Expert Advisor on the Forex market!For more than 5 years, this expert has been at the hearing and in various tops.On any Forex forums you can find discussion topics for the “FrankoScalp” expert, but only on mql5 you can buy the original updated version of the expert, as well as get in touch with the author and get into the friendly “FrankoScalp” user community. Buy Now & Save $250. +$50 for each of the next 10 copies. The usual price is $488.

Purchase details

When you buy an expert, you get it forever (all updates are free), but you have 5 activations. This means that you can use it on 5 computers (or VPS). The number of trading accounts and terminals is unlimited.

A bit of history

In 2012 I plunged into the world of Forex, in 2015 I completely concentrated on automated trading systems, in 2016 I published my first EA – “FrankoScalp”.A couple of years later, a version for MT5 appeared, completely identical to the MT4 version.

The secret of longevity EA “FrankoScalp”

First, let’s face it, you won’t buy a “money-printing machine” for either $100 or $10,000. This is hard to admit, but necessary in order to stop being disappointed and to work comfortably in Forex (and similar areas). Any Expert Advisor is a trading system with both periods of profit and periods of losses. During periods of loss, most Expert Advisors cease to be supported by their authors, since it is more profitable from a commercial point of view to release a new Expert Advisor, because of this, users become owners of trash and buy new Expert Advisors.EA “FrankoScalp” is updated during drawdowns and receives new sets of settings, so many users have been using “FrankoScalp” for the 5th year already. Have you ever used a bot that you bought 5 years ago? But this is not the limit. The Expert Advisor has been regularly updated and will be supported all the time while I am in the Forex field. Old sets are periodically corrected + new sets appear, so the EA will not turn into trash and will not be forgotten after a drawdown.

About strategy

  • Primary sets are scalping in quiet times (outside the news), taking into account many nuances, based on the analysis of work on real accounts. Each trade is limited by a Stop Loss, so these sets are suitable for conservative trading (grid or martingale methods are not used).
  • Modified sets – these are sets for those who like “hot”. Instead of Stop Loss, averaging positions are used, i.e. the grid and martingale methods are used. Therefore, these sets are suitable for aggressive trading, however, since these sets are based on “Primary sets”, in more than 95% of cases, the first trade is closed successfully without an averaging position. This allows these sets to be stable with a moderate amount of risk.

Expert setup

  • Download the latest archive of settings in comment #2041.
    • Primary sets are in the “Without GridMartin” folder.
    • Modified sets are in the “With GridMartin” folder.
  • The expert works the same on any timeframe, as it automatically takes the necessary data from multiple timeframes. (Back-testing is recommended on the M1 timeframe.)
  • In order to activate the News filter function, enable “Allow WebRequest” and add news site to the URL list in the terminal settings.
    • Click Tools > Options > Expert Advisors. Check the option “Allow WebRequests for listed URL:”. Add and click OK.
  • Check the correctness of EA time autotune using the information in comment #2010.
  • The adjustment of the trading lot calculation is described in comment #2017.
  • After setting up, you can send me a screenshot of your terminal for check, it is also possible to check via a remote desktop (teamviewer).
  • The full list of the EA parameters can be found in the blog: .

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