Fundamental Trader 2.3 MT4

Ziwox Fundamental Trader

Ziwox Fundamental trader is a trading assistant that helps financial markets traders reach smart decisions informed by the EA information data.
This EA uses online sources to catch all the necessary information like the fundamental bias of currencies, the sentiment of Real-time retail traders ratio on a pair, Bank and institute forecast, COT report data, and other data in a complex EA pannel.
Briefly, It’s an integrated forex data source and information, that helps Manual traders to make better decisions.

Alongside this, It’s a FULL fundamental robot trading, that use these data to trade automatically on pairs, based on Currency Fundamental Bias and technical data

live result of EA: Signal

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EA components:

Read about EA components then read below:

All the necessary information you need for a trade is collected here as a set of forex data stream components that are integrated into a data panel.

Each component individually acts as a trading aid indicator or explanatory market report to help traders in decisions making.

These components provide an outlook but the synergy of all components makes an integrated decision-aid system output that helps traders to improve trading results with buy, sell, or wait decisions. Institutions, hedge funds, and banks hold large amounts of market liquidity and they can drive the market and establish trends. They are the most common holders of the market liquidity and know the retail traders’ positions and liquidity map.

Using all these components and staying in the direction of the smart money traders, is the key to success and this EA would be your assistance to trade according to the market direction. Traders can decide to make an opportunity that comes through each EA module, such as technical trend, fundamental Bias, next calendar event, retail traders sentiment, and Large Speculators traders’ behavior as COT reports.

Components output:

  • All Currency Fundamental Bias base on the economic index, CPI, PPI, GDP, and central bank’s interest rate
  • 10 Major pairs Forecast that comes from experts traders pols (Banks, institute, Funds)
  • Real-Time world trader sentiment (Retail Traders Sentiment) (How many traders are long or short in a pair)
  • COT report (Commitment of trader of CFTC)
  • Global country Bond Yield data
  • Economic calendar and news event
  • Market Sentiment (Risk Sentiment), Risk-On or Risk-Off that helps to find the daily trader’s sentiment
  • Session time panel with a market Volatility indicator
  • Your Profit/Loss monitoring panel (Trade summery)
  • Trend Indicator

Manual Traders:

For those who trade manually, hedge funders, and institute or bank traders.

Trade with your technical and our fundamental data to make your trade decisions more accurate.

You can use EA as a manual trading assistant, and use fundamental information, COT data, market sentiment, retail traders ratio, and your own technical strategy or you can use our auto trade strategy

Auto Trade Strategy:

In Auto mode, EA trade with Fundamental Bias as the main market trend to Scalp on short-term trend with technical data (MA trend and stochastic value)


Other Features:

  • Full feature Manual trading tools
  • Money management to Automatically set your Position Lot
  • News filter to Stop taking a position in High Impact event time
  • SL Trail, Automatically Break-Even
  • AutoClose function with variable profit
  • Pivot points, Support resistance levels
  • Martingale Recovery function


  • Use ECN account
  • Minimum Balance is 250$ with 1:500 leverage for every 1 pair
  • Timeframe H1
  • Recommended symbol for Auto-Trade: All forex pairs, except CHF pairs
  • If your broker uses a prefix or suffix (e.g. EURUSD.p) you should set it in EA inputs
  • Please allow web requests to the following URLs for news filters and fundamental data. Attention to HTTP and HTTPS links

You can’t backtest this EA, Because this EA uses online economic calendar as a news filter to stop trading in High impact news, Also EA uses online fundamental data to analyze the movement, and this online data doesn’t work in backtesting.

So if you need to test the EA, Why you don’t check the Live result

Fundamental Trader   Fundamental Trader


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