Gold Master Pro V1.1 MT4

(Password zip = “”)

… No grid, no martingale, no position averaging.
… The EA is focused on the long term.
… There are no unnecessary customization options, making it easy to use.
… Compatible with most brokers.
… You can start trading with a minimum deposit of $ 100.
… The EA is suitable for both beginners and professionals.
… A unique system for determining the best entry point to the market.
… Shows high performance.

You can use the EA on the XAU / USD pair. Also, with certain settings, you can get good results. The best timeframe to trade is M1. For the most profitable trading, I recommend using brokers with low spreads.
Expert Advisor testing:

When testing on history, it is important to use a fixed spread (up to 33), since all brokers have different spreads and this can distort the testing results. Use the recommended currency pair for testing. Trade on ECN accounts, as the average spread is (up to 22). Why test (up to 33), because it will correspond to order execution taking into account slippage on a real account.
Configurable parameters:
Step: Distance from the candlestick to the order
Tral_Step: Step of tightening
Stoploss: Loss limits
Takeprofit: Profit Limits
TrailingStop: Trailing length, if 0 then no trailing
TrailingStart: When to enable trailing
Magic: The magic number by which the EA distinguishes its positions from other orders.
Lot: Lot
slippage: Maximum allowable price deviation for market orders
Spred: The maximum spread at which the EA is allowed to open positions.
MaxRisk: Risk of load on the deposit in percent.
Custom_period: Parameter of the built-in custom indicator
RSI_1_period: RSI period 1
RSI_2_period: RSI 2 period
Bands_period: Bollinger period
Bands_deviation: Deviation of Bollinger Bands

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