GoldenBot 1.67 MT4

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GoldenBot 1.67 Latest

GoldenBot is a diversified portfolio of various systems trading gold. Most gold trading systems you encounter are either pure trend ones or counter-trend ones. So they are only good at certain market phases. GoldenBot includes a number of trend and counter-trend systems making it to perform good during any market phase. System effectiveness is proven by live results (see below at Telegram channel). Monitoring Working timeframe is M1 (1-minute) Minimum account balance: $100 Default parameters are for XAUUSD (GOLD) MT5 version
  • Good ECN broker with low commission and spread
  • VPS is strongly recommended
  • The system contains 3 low-correlated strategies: Daily Breakout, Intraday Breakout and Reversal Strategy
  • Long-term robot: no dangerous money management (like grid or martingale that can blow up your account in a short time) is used. Every trade is protected by stop-loss
  • Backtested with real tickdatavariable spreads and delay. High expectancy from the trade allows the system to work with almost any trading conditions
  • High expected payoffprofit factorrecovery factor (on both backtests and live trading)
  • The EA is very easy to setup and use
How to Install:
  • Open an empty chart of XAUUSD, go across all timeframes from MN (monthly) to M1 (1-minute) to download historical data
  • Attach the EA to the XAUUSD M1 chart
  • Make sure that there are no errors in Experts tab
IMPORTANT: Pay attention to GMT parameters! In order to get proper results, you have to set them correctly according to your broker GMT Offset Settings:
  • Fixed Order Size – fixed trading lot
  • Enable AutoLot – use automatic lot calculation
  • Balance For Every 0.01 Lots – balance to be used per 0.01lots (automatic lotsize based on balance)
  • Max Risk Per Trade – auto MM based on the stop loss and deposit size. For example: at a value of 5, closing a trade by stop loss will result in a loss of 5% of the balance
  • Maximum LotSize – maximal allowed trading lot
  • GMT Offset Auto – if true, the EA will find the GMT offset automatically. Allow requests to https:/ /www. worldtimeserver .com (remember to delete spaces)
  • GMT Offset Manual – set your broker’s time zone (in winter)
  • Adjust DST Manual – set your broker’s DST
  • Maximum Spread – maximum allowable spread, pips
  • Maximum Slippage – maximum allowable slippage for instant accounts, pips. Increase it to avoid re-quotes and off-quotes
  • Disable NY Holidays – disable trading for a specified number of days before/after New Year holidays
  • Trade Direction – long and(or) short can be selected
  • Monday Trading – enable/disable trading on Monday
  • Tuesday Trading – enable/disable trading on Tuesday
  • Wednesday Trading – enable/disable trading on Wednesday
  • Thursday Trading – enable/disable trading on Thursday
  • Friday Trading – enable/disable trading on Friday
  • Friday Exit – set to true if you wish to close all trades on Friday
  • Friday Exit Hour – all open positions will be closed at this hour on Friday
  • Take Profit / Stop Loss – take profit / stop loss
  • TP/SL Expressed – select the TP/SL calculation method: In Pips or In % ATR – popular measure of volatility expressed as a percentage of the Average True Range
  • Trailing SL – trailing stop in pips
  • Trailing SL Start – when to start the trailing stop
  • Level Offset – allows you to adjust the offset of sup/res levels (breakouts only)
  • Max Holding Time – maximal position holding time – a maximum number of bars between opening a position and closing it completely
  • Magic Number – unique identifier for EA’s orders
  • Order Comment – comment for EA’s orders
  • Enable Daily Breakout / Intraday Breakout / Reversal Strategy –  enable/disable strategies
  • Price Channel / Volatility Factor – allows adjusting the frequency and quality of trade entries

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