Howls Moving Grid Powerful 2.7 MT4 Bot

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Howl’s is a professional fully automated trading expert advisor specially designed for trading GOLD profitably with Metatrader 4 Trading Platform.  Howl’s combine hedging, grid averaging, martingale strategies to create the ultimate ea. When a specific profit is reached, this EA will close some part of the positions, thus help reduce larger drawdown. Howl’s is a non-stop, high action pack trading robot that uses grid trading and hedging strategies. It will trade continuously 24×7. It’s by far one of the better ea in the Market today and is very profitable. It’s a must have for anyone who likes grid strategy. Howl’s is super easy to learn and use! You don’t need any experience to operate. Just invest in the purchase of this EA and then sit back, relax and simply watch this Trading Robot do its magic. This EA will make money continuously while you sleep at night. Retired Signal for Gold(XAUUSD): New Signal for Gold(XAUUSD):

Contact me immediately after the purchase to get the GOLD set and to join the private user group!

Current Feature:
  • Trade both directions at the same time
  • Grid trading
  • Ability for Partial Close
  • Use Trailing stop
  • Close all trades at break even
  • Drawdown Reduction System
  • 5 strategies available
  • 3D Box strategy
  • Long Ranger strategy
  • Pyramiding
  • Profit Locking
  • On screen information panel
  • Emergency Close buttons
  • Automatic Profit/Loss Dollar Close all trades
  • Fixed Lot size or Martingale
  • Flexible Grid steps
  • Equity % Alert
  • Time Filter
  • Currency pair:   XAUUSD (2 digit low spread broker like ICMarkets)
  • US $dollar base mt4 brokerage  account if you want to use my set files!!!!!
  • Timeframe: M15 (15 minutes chart)
  • Minimum $1,000 for each pair account balance using 0.01 lot ($3,000 recommended)
  • 5-digit broker
  • Before using the EA in real conditions, test on demo accounts for at least 4 working weeks.
  • Use maximum available leverage.
  • Constantly withdraw earned profit (MANDATORY!)
Example Parameters:
  • Allowed Trade Direction – Choose Trade Long, Trade Short or Both.
  • Group lot of – set Lot size in Group order
  • Initial Lot Size- Starting lot
  • Max Lot Size – Maximum lot size limit
  • Lot Multiplier -Multiply the lot size by this
  • Closs all at $ Profit – Close all open order when profit $ is reached
  • Partial Close Start at $ Loss – Once $ amount loss is reached this limit, EA will try to close some of the orders
  • Partial Close Dollar Profit – EA will partial close some orders with this amount of profit
  • TOTAL trades close at Break Even Dollars – EA will try to close all orders at breakeven once this number of steps reached
  • BE Dollar$ – Break even + this $ amount
  • Magic number – unique EA identifier
  • Trailing by Profit Dollars
Back test from Jan 1, 2020 to today, using M15 open price only optimization modeled on tick data Dukascopy. Use “Open prices” because Howl’s only open order at the opening of the new bar. Some people like to test their strategies for a long period like 10–15 years, which to me is totally useless.  Everyone knows that the market changes all the time due to many reasons like interest rates, economic events, and financial crisis. We do not want to base our trading on strategies that performed well 10, 15 or 20 years ago, simply because the market was different and you are not trading that market anymore.


Do not risk money you cannot afford to lose! Better safe than homeless right? Test EA in Demo account for at least 4 weeks to see and understand how grid system work. By default, grid system does not use stop loss, as it uses grid for recovery instead. You must be comfortable with some drawdown if you are going to use this EA.  Past profit don’t guarantee future profit.
Howls Moving Grid Powerful MT4 Bot

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