Hunting Cat Scalper 1.0 MT4

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Hunting Cat Scalper is a fully automated trading robot on mainly USDJPY. It well identifies potential breakout levels in certain price patterns and then trades along with the breakouts. Current price: $299 Next price when certain number of copies are sold –> $349 Live signal: Set A (stable and low floating drawdown): Set B (high win rate and growth curve): Main Features
  • Identifies breakout levels in price patterns
  • Resistant to high ping environment
  • Calculated hedging mechanism (Set B)
  • Pending orders to minimize slippage
  • No risky strategies e.g. grid or martingale
  • Strict stoploss on every order
  • Survived long term backtest of 99.9% modality
  • No overfitting
  • Hedging account
  • Low spread raw ECN broker
  • Currency base: no limit
    • Autolot calculation based on USD
    • Adjust autolot risk level according to the exchange rate if you use other currency
  • Minimum recommended deposit: Depends on your risk level (see below)
Recommended Sets
  • Two very different strategies are derived from the same EA
  • Recommended to run Set A & B in separate accounts
  • Set A
    • Currency pairs: USDJPY(main), EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD
    • Timeframe: M30
    • Settings:
      • USDJPY: Default set file
      • Other Currencies: Set file attached in “Comment” section
    • Lotsize per 0.01lot:
      • Low risk-350; Moderate risk-250; High risk-150
  • Set B
    • Currency pair: USDJPY
    • Timeframe: H1 & H4
    • Settings:
      • Either H1 Set1(conservative entry) OR H1 Set2 (aggressive entry)
      • And H4 set
    • Lotsize per 0.01lot: (manual lot recommended)
      • Low risk-550; Moderate risk-400; High risk-250
Input parameters  How to Setup 
  1. Download the EA on your MT4 terminal
  2. Download the additional set files from the #1 comment in the “Comment” section
  3. Open the chart of the corresponding currency with the right timeframe
  4. Drag the EA onto the chart and load the corresponding set files
  5. Choose your own lotsize settings and risk level
  6. Allow autotrading
  • Backtest result is based on historical data which does not guarantee future performance and profit
  • Trade with an amount and a risk level you feel comfortable with
  • Start with a demo account to understand the EA mechanism first
  • A good ECN broker with low spread is essential. Message me if you don’t have one
Trade safe!
Hunting Cat Scalper

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