InfinityXO 1.1 Incl. set files

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InfinityXO MT4 Track Records

Infinity XO Monitor Performance #1 (DAX+DOW):

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InfinityXO Can PASS Prop Challenge with ease on propbroker 8CAP with 2.5% DD:

InfinityXO uses breakout strategies to trade the first few hours on the European Index DAX40 and USA DOW30.


Is is compatible with most major indices, but we suggest DAX and DOW for optimum performance.


Strategy using fixed stop loss ~ 25 points. Maximum of 5 trades daily.

Exit incorporates a trailing stop exit that is triggered by “X” amount of gain points. Uses 15 min charts.

Orders always closed or deleted by same day, never uses martingale, layers, grids or additional averaging positions.

Every trade uses same lot size, that is defined by user. Does not use increasing lots technique. (although EA has recovery function for advanced/experienced EA user)

System requires broker with good conditions and spreads on the DAX40/DOW30

NOTE: Not every broker will give identical performance as the next one, as there are various feeds in index trading, but as a general rule, a good and fair broker with good spreads and you will be fine.

Expert is packed with additional extra control features for expert EA users like using box stop loss over fixed stop loss, fixed take profit, increase after loss option. But it is very easy to setup and use for first time or novice.


Index trading is quite different to spot FX, it requires’ a more specialised skill set due to the higher number of variations. Backtesting Indices are not as straightforward as FX, as many brokers using different number of digits after decimal point, some quote spot rate, some futures prices, some have expiry dates, others not.

As mentioned, EA is designed to run on 5 different charts, producing 5 max trades a day. You will need the set files to make backtest for each chart.(comments section)

In addition to this, InfinityXO works in a very specific time of day, so the backtest data has to align to the market opens. For example, the preset are for GMT+2, but many traders will pull dukascopy data and run backtest on GMT+0 data, so it will be completely off. So, unless you are very well versed in MT4 backesting and can easily make manual adjustments to trading windows to suit your data, we suggest to leave it to us.

For example, the DAX can look like 14534.00 or 145.34 or 14534.0, making many quote variations for the same trading instrument. For this reason, many will need our expert help to ensure this is dealt with properly as we check your broker quote and make advice to end user.

Also, you need to backtest during the correct market session as spreads are much higher in Indices out of hours.(or enter manual spread)

SETFILES and BACKTESTS are found in the comments section of this product MT5 version.

Performance and Risk:

We suggest 10.0 ($10 a point) lot per 10K balance for moderate risk running mode. ($250 loss per trade. i.e 2.5% loss per trade maximum), or 5k balance and 10.0 lot for higher risk.

I provide setup guide page, help and assistance on chat. Setup time around 20-30 minutes. VPS not essential but best.


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