Level Wizard EA 1.5 MT4

Level Wizard EA 1.5 MT4

According to the basics of technical analysis market is a crowd which follows certain behavioral laws and always abides by known and well-studied rules. In spite of the fact that market is constantly changing, certain patterns remain the same. Any market movement is a wave, impulse, which has its beginning and the end. In most cases such waves start at one level and finish at the other. Support / resistance levels are supposed to be one of the most objective and universal analytical tools. They clearly show prevailing market sentiments and give traders maximum of objective data. The bigger the collected position of a trader, the stronger should be his or her movement at the stops.

When the seller’s lever is cleared movement will be driven by sellers’ stops (buying of short positions) and by market orders of buyers.

The stronger the seller’s level the better movement will be. This fact should be taken into account when setting your goals.

Broadly speaking, trade by support and resistance levels is the right way everyone should follow.

Level Wizard is an indispensable assistant for every trader. It is suitable for both experienced players and novice traders

There is a perception that in case a lot of people use the same strategy it ceases to work.

Please be advised that price will grow following the monitoring results. Also I’ll sell a limited number of copies of the EA!

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Does not use martingale, grid or other dangerous strategies;

Hard stop loss and take profit for each position

Not sensitive to broker conditions

Easy to install


  • Main working pairs: XAUUSD, GOLD, GBPJPY, EURJPY, GBPUSD (Default Settings XAUUSD Timeframe M30)
  • Working Timeframe: H1, M30
  • Min recommended deposit: $500
  • Recommended: ECN broker


  1. Start Of The Trading Session – Choosing the time to start trading
  2. End Of The Trading Session – Choosing the time for the end of trading
  3. Time Zone –   Choosing the time zone of European countries/United States, for switching to daylight saving time
  4. Set The Risk Of Positions –   Choosing the risk of a position as a percentage/fixed lot
  5. Positions Risk –   The size of the position’s risk
  6. Trading Range -The number of bars forming a trading range for trading
  7. Min Range  –   The minimum price deviation for opening a position in points
  8. Max Range –   Maximum price deviation for opening a position in points
  9. Min Break Range – the minimum level that the price should break through after the boundaries of the trading range for open positions
  10. Max Break Range – the maximum level that the price should overcome after the boundaries of the trading range for open positions
  11. Max Spread – Maximum spread
  12. Max Slippage – Maximum slippage
Level Wizard EA

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