Magic Max 2.0 Mt5

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Magic Max EA, works  with Supply Demand Zones with all Currency pairs / Gold and with all timeframes. It is a new formula, and the very new features are two zone strength functions adjustable by Auto input! This is a great advantage in trading. When Candle reach to Demand zone it will take buy order and when it reach to supply it will auto take sell. This is the best  EA which have indicator include to learn manual trading for newbie. We have added new feature here , now you no need to see indicator for manual trading, you can add this EA to any chart and also you can learn forex with supply demand zone. ——————————————— What is Supply and Demand zones? Supply and demand zones are a popular analysis technique used in day trading. The zones are the periods of sideways price action that come before explosive price moves, and are typically marked out using a rectangle tool in the stocks, forex or CFD trading platform. Timeframe: (H1 or H4) EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF, NZDUSD, GOLD Timeframe: (M1 To H1) STEP INDEX, V10,V50,V75 , V100 ———————————————- (You can select Trade mode according to Trend or for few pair like Boom500/1000 only BUY, C500/1000 only sell) Trade Mode = Both = Buy = Sell Hidden SL TP = False (if its true your set traget dollar function will not work, so let it off if you are using set dollar function) Hiding SL TP from your broker Max Orders = 5 Trade Comment = “Magic Max v2.0” Recovery = true Stop Loss(0=disable)   = 0 Take Profit(0=disable) = 0 Magic Number = 8555 Magic number , let it default Lot Size = 0.01 if you want Three decimal Lot size , edit it manual 0.001 (pair v75 broker deriv) Close By Reverse Signal = false (If its TRUE then it will close all trade when signal is reverse and may loose profit, you can use FALSE ) Close By Dollar Target(0=disable) = 1$  (make sure your TP SL  = 0 and Hidden SL TP function =  FALSE) otherwise it will not work Daily Target  = 10 always set daily target according to your balance (If you are trading in currency then please Friday close, if Deriv or other pair which works weekend you can choose Sunday) Time Filter Enable = false Start Trade Day Of Week= MONDAY Stop Trade Day Of Week= SUNDAY Start Trade Time = “00:00” Stop Trade Time = “23:59” —-Supply Demand Setting—- Depth   = if there is much zone (then you can increase depth to avoid zones ) Max History Bar = Increase it, EA will read more previous zones (200 – 1500 depend on your pairs) Demand Zone Color = You can select your own color according to you if you are doing manual trading, or if by EA let it default Supply Zone Color = You can select your own color according to you if you are doing manual trading, or if by EA let it defaultFill Zone=  If you are new and want to learn manual you can fill the color zone, and can do manual trading also and with EA also (If you run MAGIC MAX DFAULT setting it will not generate profit, please add recommended set files or DM for set files or any other helps)
Magic Max

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