MEF Algosoftbot 1.0 Mt4

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MEF Algosoftbot Soft MT5 Single Order Expert Advisors No Grid Hedging Averaging Martingale Switching 1.Opsi Digit Choose For forex , if trade on All Forex Pair Choose For volatile , if trade on Synthetic Indices Pair ( 2.Opsi Lot choose Autolot or Fixed lot 3.Fixed Lot input your manual Lot 4.Pembagi Balance Pembagi balance work for Autolot Default 20000 , for example with $50000 then MEF order 2.5 Lot 5.Hidden TP feature to set Virtual Take Profit 6.Hidden SL feature to set Virtual Stop Loss 7.Used Trailing true / false feature to set Virtual Lock Profit 8.Hidden Trailing for locking profit Virtual Suitable For All Favorite Pairs And All Your Broker

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