Nutricula Unlimited MT4 (Patch)

(Password zip = “”)

What does Nutricula do exactly?

And Why Is Nutricula The Most Powerful Trading Management Tool Of MetaTrader?

  • Trade Simple And Easy.Transforming MetaTrader’s environment into a simple, modern, functional and beautiful space and removing all incompetencies.
  • Hide From Your Broker.Hiding placed lines such as ‘Order’ Line, ‘Stop Loss’ Line, ‘Take Profit’ Line, etc. from the broker and preventing it’s potential fraud.
  • Manage Your Positions Effortlessly.Managing all positions and orders of a chart with only one ‘Stop Loss’ and one ‘Take Profit’ line with no disturbances!
  • Leave Everything To Nutricula.Placing lines for Breaking Even the position and start trailing the ‘Stop Loss’ line at a specified price.
  • Close Your Position In Multiple Stages.Closing half of the position volume to reduce risk when the price reaches ‘Partial Profit’ or ‘Partial Loss’ lines.
  • Do Not Trade With High Spreads.Setting the maximum allowed spread and preventing the opening of the position at the time of economic news and avoiding high spreads.

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