Olympia Indicator

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Powerful indicator to help you in your trading decisions. It can be used in lower time frames like 1-Hour, 30-Minutes, and 15-Minutes charts. Experienced and inexperienced traders can use the tool. It draws the current trendlines to help you go toward the primary trend, following the market movements and filtering out the signals. It includes an optimized algorithm to improve the accuracy of signals. All screenshots listings here are genuine and unaltered. Live account.
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Never Repaint. Never back pain. The arrows do not repaint. The hands appear on the same candle – not 3 or 4 candles later. Once the bar closes with an arrow, the needle will never move nor disappear. What you see on the screenshots is real-time indicator performance. The trend lines will change with the trend as they only display the current trend to help make the decisions now.
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How to use it? Go long when a purple arrow appears. Go short when a golden arrow appears. It includes trend lines to help you identify the trend and filter the signals.
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Read the market The indicator is created to help you read the markets and learn while practicing and making decisions. As with any non-repainting indicator, you may find some wrong signals, but this algorithm is created to filter and reduce them, increasing the number of pips of the good ones. The indicator includes pop-up alerts with sound.
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