Panda Hedging 1.81 *update dll for latest build MT5

Panda Hedging strategy:

Due to the high volatility of the forex market, traders have often been forced to develop new methods and techniques in order to limit losses and maximize profits. Hedging has emerged as one of the most effective strategies and tactics for optimizing the chances of winning among the various strategies and tactics employed. Hedging can be thought of as a type of insurance in the forex markets.. But there are moments of deviation (divergence of currencies) from the normal value.

That is why we decided to create our own Panda Hedging automated trading tactics, which will include both elements of hedging trading, using a grid trading algorithm, and a secure system with a high level of deposit protection. (All additional orders are opened with a fixed same lot size , without using lot multiplication (Martingale)).

If the price starts to go against the order, the adviser will begin to open additional orders according to the author’s algorithm, up to a maximum of 10 orders for each instrument in the pair.

ea instructions for use:

1. USDCAD Time frame:M1 

2. 1000-1500USD USDCAD USDNOK  0.02 lots   AUDUSD USDNOK 0.01 lots

3.Please use the correct settings file. 

Panda Hedging ea SET File : Panda Hedging ea 1.62 SET File

Panda Hedging ea  Backtest:  Panda Hedging ea  Backtest

2 copy left in the price 450$, next price 500$

The created system was tested on a real account: 

LIVE signal:

important hint:

1. recommend Use Low spread accounts

2.Before you buy, please check if your broker supports the trading currency USDNOK. and leverage USDNOK,If can not trading usdnok  don’t buy.

3. Panda Hedging only trading USDCAD/USDNOK AUDUSD/USDNOK. signal have test another currency . Additional currency hedging will be added in future releases

MT4 version:

  Panda Hedging  


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