Prado 8.2 Latest MT4

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” Breakout of the previous day’s price extremes! ” – This strategy is over 100 years old, and it always works!

The price of the advisor increases with the increase in the monitoring profitability. Monitoring : Prado JPY risk 3 prc broker ICMarkets Global, account type: raw spreed, spread 0-3, commission $ 7.0. This monitoring works from the first version of the advisor, so check the test results from the date of the last update! Monitoring : Prado with v5 risk 3×1 prc broker Alpari, account type: pro.ecn, spread 0-3, commission $ 3.2. This monitoring works with the fifth version of the advisor, check the test results from the date of the last update! PRADO 4.0 tests in the attached file comment # 194 . PRADO is a safe Expert Advisor that trades pending orders, stop loss and take profit are set immediately, and a multifunctional trailing stop works. PRADO does not use: grids, averaging, increasing the volume of orders and other dangerous techniques. The trading strategy complies with the FIFO rules. The minimum deposit is $ 100 . Intraday trading from levels with a trend. The tool is USDJPY only , you don’t need to configure anything – use the default settings. Use accounts with a spread of 0-3, this will increase your profit. For those who wish, there are alternative settings in the comments , post # 308 . For tests and trading: every tick, period H1, 1 chart. The settings are optimized for history from 2010 . PRADO can be used by beginners and experienced traders. Pay special attention to the TimeBroker setting, (UTC +) = 3; You can read a description of the settings in the comments, page 9, post # 167 .

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