Blue Edge Prop Farming Blueprint incl. Golden Goose Set files & Crypto Academy MT4

Prop Farming Blueprint

This is the exact blueprint for how anyone can make (on average) $500 per day “Prop Farming” without risking any of your own capital.

This strategy is 100% automated and proven by hundreds of “Prop Farmers” in our community already!

You’re probably wondering what prop farming is. Basically, it’s an entire groundbreaking philosophy and approach to passing prop firm challenges and trading funded accounts, driven by data and probabilities.

Inside the blueprint, we explain how we are using the concept called “prop farming” to automatically and consistently pass prop firm challenges, how to “harvest” $500 per day trading prop firms’ money, and how to set up a 100% automated winning prop firm strategy in less than 10 minutes.

More info:

🙄Basicly the latest Titan X tool, with the set files they provide purchasing the Membership with them


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