The Grail Gold 1.4 MT4 + Grail FX 1.2 MT4

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THE EA MADE 1800+ EUROS in 4 weeks running along with the Grail FX If you have bought ANY of my Products then you are ELIGIBLE TO JOIN the Private group !!!
  • TELEGRAM group: send me message to add you to our community PRIVATE GROUP(unfortunately there are a lot of scammers to public ones…)
IMPORTANT: DUE to massive data used for generating positions,testing will be very very slow. So please refer to the live MONITORING signal for TRUE RESULTS. The Grail Gold is a complex neural network system using hundreds of conditions in order to generate positions.From the simpler one( oversold-overbought) to the most complex(candle size based on the previous,candle wick etc). Recommendations:
  • 1500 balance .
  • only GOLD. For forex pairs HERE
  • 5M chart.
  • TF: the timeframe the EA runs,counted always in minutes.
  • Starting Lot:The starting lot.
  • Multiplier:The multiplier of the positions.
  • Max Lot:The max lot a position can have.
  • Stop Loss:The stop loss for each position.
  • Min Distance in pips Between the trades:The minimum distance between the positions.
  • Max Sells:The maximum Sell positions the EA can open.
  • Max Buys:The maximum Buy positions the EA can open.
  • Risk Level:The lower the number,the more trades. ( 0 is recommended only for very big accounts)
  • Enable Super Overlap after X trades:After these number of open positions the EA will enable its advanced overlap system for reducing drawdown.
  • Min TP For 1 position open in pips :The minimum profit in pips for 1 position open.
  • Min TP in money for more than 1 position:The minimum profit in money if there are 1 or two positions open(Based on the above input,it will take place which ever it comes first.)
  • Close All if loss…: Close all if loss is more than X amount of money.
  • Change distance after this lot size:The EA will change the distance between the trades after this lot size.
  • New min Distance:The new distance between the trades after the above lot size.
  • New Multiplier:The new multiplier in the positions after the above lot size.(This input is for reducing the size of lots in the martingale system)

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