PriceSeine 1.5 MT4

PriceSeine 1.5

This is a grid EA that manages Martingale and Pyramiding networks simultaneously. This allows the product to smoothly pass trend movements having small rollbacks. This EA is well suited both for conservative traders (max lot limitations for risk management are provided) and those focused on deposit growth. It does not require constant optimization, since it does not try to “guess” the market movement. Real account monitoring and other systems:


  • Step – order step in points;
  • Lot – lot (if 0, Risk parameter is activated);
  • Risk – risk value;
  • Exp – multiplier;
  • MaxLot – maximum lot size;
  • DigitsLot – number of decimal places (1 = 4 places, 2 = 5 places);
  • OrdersNoTP – set the number of open positions, at which the opposite direction stops closing by profit and supports drawdown direction;
  • ProfitClose – close all orders if profit is reached (in deposit currency);
  • Profit – order take profit;
  • TrailingStop – trailing stop (set 0 to disable);
  • PendingOrders – number of pending orders on the chart.
The main parameters are provided in the settings. The EA also has plenty of additional parameters that are already configured in the most efficient way and cannot be changed. The EA has been checked on a real account for 11 months (see screenshots).

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