Snowballed 2.6 MT5

** Have you ever encountered that? The 5 years, 10 years or even 20 years of backtesting report are very, very perfect, the curve of capital growth is almost a straight line. But, you lost money once you run it with real account … Can’t a strategy that has already REALLY PASSED the backtesting for so long time stands up to the real trading? The Snowballed EA completely uses the IDENTICAL opening and closing condition to do backtesting and makes trade for the present and future, there is nothing hidden about it, you can find out answer from this EA, the real trading can explains everything…
Strategy Summary & Advantages:
– It’s a full-automatic short-term trading EA based on the advanced technic, it sells out when overbought and buys in when oversold, and makes profit while the market is rolling back.
– No Martingale, no Grid, no Hedging, no Averaging, using low stoploss for all trades (defaults from 30 pips to 100 pips).
– It is especially designed to avoid slippage, no Breakout, no Night Scalper, it can makes the large lot of trade.
– Using default settings and buid-in technical parameters, no need to do the tedious adjustment working.
– The average of position holding time are about 3 hours.
– With protect function of account drawdown.


  * The real signal (default settings):

* The MT4 version of this EA:

Supported FX pairs:


EA Running:
– VPS: No special requirement.
– Broker: With low spread.
– The minimum deposit: USD100.
– Working timeframe: H1.
– This is a multicurrency EA, you just attach it on one chart, then select to ‘ture’ for the FX pairs which you want to trade, and specify the trading volume, the EA will run automatically and trade all pairs you selected.

   Remark:  You need to change the symbol name if your broker’s symbols aren’t matched with the default settings.



EA Parameters:
– Magic:  EA magic.
– FixLots:  Fixed trading lot.
– AutoLots:  If select ‘true’, EA will automatically calculate trading lot base on ‘BalancePerLot’; if select ‘false’, EA will work on fixing lot.
– MaxLots:  Maximum trading lot.
– BalancePerLot:  Needed account balance per opening one standard lot (trading lots = AccountBalance / BalancePerLot).
– AccountEquityMaxDrawdown (percentage, 0-100):  Maximum drawdown percentage of account floating loss, all trades will be closed while the account floating loss drop below the setting value.
– PortfolioMaxOpenPositions:  Maximum open positions.
– EAComments:  EA comments .
– UseSymbol:  The symbol will work if select ‘true’, it will not work if select ‘false’.
– Symbol:  Symbol name, including of suffix. For example, input ‘EURUSD.r’ if broker has suffix ‘.r’ .
– MaxSpreads:  Maximum spread in pips.
– TakeProfit:  Take profit in pips.

– StopLoss:  Stop loss in pips.

Reference Settings (12 pairs):


TradingModels BalancePerLot* (USD) ExpectedAnnualReturn** ExpectedAccountDrawdown** AccountEquityMaxDrawdown (Percentage) AccountLeverage
(At least)
Stabler 50K 50% – 100% 10% or more 6 30
Stable 20K 150% – 300% 25% or more 15 100
Middle 10K 500% – 1,500% 50% or more 30 200
Radical 5K 3,000% – 15,000% 80% or more 50 400
* Need to convert currency if your account is not in US dollor. E.g., if your account currency is in Euro, and the ‘BalancePerLot’ is selected for USD10K, the current quote of EURUSD is 1.11020, then the ‘BalancePerLot’ in Euro is: 10K/1.11020 ≈ 9007.
** Based on the backtesting.



EA Backtesting:
– Modelling:  Every tick based on real ticks.
– The requirement of computer memory:


Time Span Memory Requirement
1 year 16GB
3 years 32GB
5 years 64GB

* For detailed test report, please go to the comment area of this EA to download it.



Very Important:
This EA is only designed for:
– The brokers whose trading platform time are GMT+2 (or GMT+3 when daylight saving is in effect), no need to setup GMT offset.


– The account with 3 digits of ‘JPY’ pairs, 5 digits of other FX pairs, and 2 digits of XAUUSD(Gold).
– The above requirements are included in most of brokers, such as  IC Markets, Pepperstone, FP markets and Go Markets, etc.
Snowballed MT5
Snowballed MT5
Snowballed MT5

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