Sodobe Scalper 3.1 Gold EA *Unlimited* MT4

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Sodobe Scalper 3.1 Gold EA Unlimited

  • Scalping solution provided by top 5% world Professional Traders, verified for 20 years
  • Very low risk
  • No scam
  • Never fired account
=> That’s Sodobe Scalper The EA best works for Gold XAUUSD with auto settings by AI. And the target price will be: rent $90/month, buy $900 Scalping only on M1 time frame, always fixed Take Profit = 5 ATR, Stop Loss = 8 ATR and auto close when over buy/sell to get highest win rate and lowest drawdown. The average holding time is only 45 minutes/trade Scalping based on the  statistical probability, AI, verified by Big Data for more than 300 million records and 20 years data of Gold, filtered more than 1000 trends to get only one trend that highest win rate, lowest risk and drawdown. Specification for Gold XAUUSD, 10 years backtest results: – Trades number average: 8 trades/month – Avg holding time: 45 minutes/trade – Profit factor: 1.49 – Profit trades: 68%. Loss trades 32% – More information: see screenshots below. We don’t fake, scam or manipulate backtest, Swear to God!!! Live signal: For default 80 USD per 0.01 lot broker Exness, pro account, spread 12 – 18 For 50 USD per 0.01 lot broker LiteForex, classic account, spread 24 For 30 USD per 0.01 lot broker Exness, pro account, spread 12 – 18 If you want to investor password, myfxbook account… for these signals, please go to our channel Recommend: – Spread: less than 20, lower is better. Recomended 10 – 15 of brokers Exness, LiteForex, IC Markets. – If your brokers are not Exness, LiteForex, IC Markets, you should backtest and compare with our live signals on there before live trading. – Leverage 1:100 – Min deposit 80 USD – Auto Lots: Yes – USD per lot: default is 80, if less than 80 the drawdown can increase – Sodobe Team will not support if buyers not in recommended or custom EA settings Settings – recommended default settings:
Variable Value Explain
== MONEY Managements ==
 Auto Lots?  Yes  Auto lots based on Account balance + Credit
 USD per 0.01 lot, recommend 80, less than 50 is high risk  80  USD per 0.01 lot, 80 is low risk, profitable, if less than then high profit, but the risk is gradually increase
 Max lots  50  Max lots if auto lots is enabled
 Fixed Lots (if Auto Lots is No)  0.01  Fixed lots for every trade
 == ATR (Average True Range) settings ==
 ATR multiplier to Take Profit (spread <= 20 is 5, otherwise 4)  5  ATR of Gold, M1 often fluctuating from 0.2 to 2. So if 0.5 the profit will 0.5 * 5 = 25 pips. If spread of broker less than 20, this should be 5, overwise, this should be 4.
 ATR multiplier to Stop Loss  8  The same for Take Profit, and this is Stop Loss
 == MA (Moving Average) settings ==
 Auto settings by AI?  Yes  Auto settings tested with AI, big data. If no, Sodobe Team will not support
 For Buy: MA hours to check price action (if Auto is No)  3  Number hours to check price, for buy order
 For Buy: MA price change (if Auto is No)  5  Number pips (x10) changes to check open buy order. Example 5 = 5 * 10 = 50 pips
 For Sell: MA hours to check price action (if Auto is No)  3  Number hours to check price, for sell order
 For Sell: MA price change (if Auto is No)  5  Number pips (x10) changes to check open sell order. Example 5 = 5 * 10 = 50 pips
 == ORDER options ==
 Enable Buy order  Yes  Yes to enable Buy order, No to disabled
 magicbuy  20171220  Magic buy number
 Enable Sell order  Yes  Yes to enable Sell order, No to disabled
 magicsell  20191031   Magic sell number
Answers and questions: Q: why backtest is not x5, x10… accounts per month? A: the best traders in the world only has a stable profit of 5 – 20%/month, with low risk Q: why rent? A: you can buy or rent. EAs good with long-term should have rent option. Q: for other pairs? A: we only recommended for Gold in this time Q: update, news and discussion for this EA? A: yes, please follow us via this channel The final: Your money must be in your account. Good luck!!!
Sodobe Scalper

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