South East EA 2.4 MT4 (FIX)

South East EA

South EAst EA uses virtual trade in determining position entry and does not use indicators, and it doesn’t require complicated settings because user just needs to upload the already available setfile. Currently there are setfiles for 20 fx pairs.

Signals: here| Setfile & EA Explanation: here | MT4 version : here
Suggested accounts:
+ Leverage: 500
+ Hedging Accounts
+ VPS with good internet connection.
Expert input:
1. Manage Open Positions
+ Continue New Cycle: If False, EA Will Only Manage The Remaining Open Positions until all positions close.
+ Stop New Cycle on Xmas holiday & New Year : if enabled, ea will stop starting new trade cycle from 23 december to 5 january
+ Multi Symbol Control : Enable/disable max allow fx pair

+ Maximum allowed number of fx pairs: if Multi Symbol Control = true, fill in max allow fx pairs

2. Manage Pending Orders

+ Working TimeFrame: timeframe for virtual trade
+ Open Next Virtual Grid on Trend Direction: EA will open the virtual grid when there is a signal.
+ Start placing real pending orders: specify the number of virtual orders to start placing real pending orders
+ Distance of real pending orders from the current price(in pips)
+ Step size to move real pending order (in pips)

3. Manage Lot and Money
+ Lot Type: Select lot type
+ AutoLot (ex. 1000 $ = 0.01): Manage lots
+ if AutoLot = true, fill in Money to manage, $: Fill in money to manage (Ex. Balance 5000, fill in 1000, Autolot = 5000/1000=5 x 0.01 =0.05 )
+ if Autolot = false, fill in Start Lot: fill in the initial lot
+ Multiplier for Martingale 4: Multiplier lot coefficient
+ Maximal Lots: max lots per trade
+ Maxtrade: Max trade allowed
4. Manage GRID
+ Step (in pips): Distance to open the next position
+ Expanding Step Coefficient: step multiplier coefficient
+ Change Step: allow change step
+ Coefficient  Lot to start changing step : Lot coefficient
+ Change Step to(in pips)
+ Expanding Step Coefficient: step multiplier coefficient for change step
+ Open Next Change Step Grid on Trend Direction : EA will open a new position if there is a signal.
5. Manage Virtual SLTP
+ Use Virtual Stop Loss & Takeprofit: enable/disable Virtual Stop Loss & takeprofit
+ Virtual Stop Loss (in pips): Stop loss in pips
+ Virtual Take Profit (in pips): Takeprofit in pips

6. Manage Trailing
+ Trailing Type : Select the trailing type
+ Trailing Start (in pips): Trailing starts
+ Trailling Size (in pips): Step trailing in pips

7. Manage Drawdown Reduction

+ Use Auto Close Partial, in money: Close Partial in money
+ Select Close Partial Method:
+ Close partial buy / sell 1: partial close by bringing only 1 buy loss or 1 sell loss.
+ Close partial buy / sell 2: partial close by bringing 2 buy loss or 2 sell loss.
+ Number of trade to activate partial close: Minimum amount of open positions to start applying partial close.
+ Minimum profit to close partial $: Minimum profit to do partial close, in money.
+ Use Auto Close Partial, in percentage: Close partial in percentage
+ Number of trade to activate partial close: Minimum amount of open positions to start applying partial close.
+ Percentage of profit to close partial%: Minimum profit to do partial close, in percentage.

8. Time Management
+ Trade Start Time: Time to start trades
+ Trade End Time: The time the trading session ends
9. Manage Others
+ Max Spread (in Pips): spread allowed
+ Coefficient (if Freeze=0 Or StopsLevels=0) : Fill in at least 1, only to anticipate volatile market conditions and the broker will increase freezelevel and stop level.

+ Magic number : EA identifies open positions based on this magic number.

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