Spy Expert 1.3 MT4

Spy Expert 1.3 MT4

SET FILES ➼ Spy Expert is a revolutionary Candle Stick Patterns based Trading System, Which is specially effective in trading on most popular currency pair EURUSD. Primary focus when developing the trading system were high accuracy (76% accuracy for 17 Years), safe trading. The trading system smartly closes trades based on strategies. Stable growth curve using smart strategies and techniques. ➼ Spy Expert is stress tested for a period 17 Years (from 2003 To 2021), with 99.90% History quality, Slippage execution delay and all those years are successful. ➼ Spy Expert can work with Home PC or VPS, and supports latency up to 300 ms ➼ Spy Expert can satisfy FIFO Compliance. And supports Virtual TP SL to support U. S. A. Accounts. You can Find MT5 Version of this EA here : https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/58539

Chart Preference

  • Timeframe: H1
  • Indices: DOW JONES (US30)


  • Broker: Exness, XM, HotForex, Tickmill, ICMarkets
  • VPS: Chocoping VPS
  • Account Type: Standard, Raw Spread, ECN, Cent
  • Leverage : 1:200
  • Deposit : $3000 for Multiple pairs

Input Parameters

  • Allowable Slippage – Maximum Allowed Slippage.
  • Magic Number – Unique number for orders on each chart
  • Order Comment – Comment for each order
  • Use Virtual TP SL – If enabled, EA will hide TP to the broker
  • StopLoss (Points) – StopLoss in Points
  • TakeProfit (Points) – TakeProfit in Points
  • Starting Lot – Starting Lot for orders
  • Minimum Lot – Minimum allowed lot
  • Maximum Lot – Maximum allowed lot
  • Buy Only – If YES allows Buy orders, otherwise doesn’t allow Buy orders
  • Sell Only – If YES allows Sell orders, otherwise doesn’t allow Sell orders
  • Allow New Series – If YES allows new series of trades, otherwise doesn’t open new order series
  • Maximum Opened Orders – Maximum number of opened orders at a time
  • Risk Mode – Risk Mode for each order
  • Risk Percentage – Risk in percentage (For Example 0.01 = 1% Risk)
  • Layer Multiplier – Layer Multiplier for the grid system
  • Pip Step – Number of grid steps
  • Use Auto Compound – If enabled uses auto compound calculation
  • Level 1 – Entry / Exit Strategy using Level 1
  • Level 2 – Entry / Exit Strategy using Level 2
  • Use Fixed Lot – If enabled uses fixed lot for trading
  • Fixed Lot – Fixed Lot size
  • Minimum Lot – Minimum Allowed Lot (Lot Restrictions)
  • Maximum Lot – Maximum Allowed Lot  (Lot Restrictions)
  • Use Lot Restriction (Auto Compound) – If enabled restrict lot size with auto compound
  • Use Lot Restriction (Normal) – If enabled restrict lot size with normal trading
  • Timeframe – Strategy Timeframe
  • Main Pattern – Candle Stick Main Pattern Identifier
  • Sub Pattern – Candle Stick Sub Pattern Identifier

How To Setup

  • Run EA on EURUSD Pair, Only on H1 Timeframe.
  • Use the set file given above.

How To Test EA

  • Test on H1 Timeframe
  • Both Long-term and Short-term tests recommended to show the EA’s efficiency during various market conditions
Spy Expert

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