Super Rich Trend 1.0 MT4

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Super Rich Trend 1.0

Super Rich Trend is an innovative EA that incorporates some very advance secretive trading algorithm.  when detects small deviations and enters in the contrary direction trying to close the operation in the level before that deviation happens. Characteristic :There are Stop Loss and Take Profit commands in each transaction to protect your deposit. Base currency pairs: (XAUUSD GBPJPY) Additional currency pairs: (USDJPY GBPUSD GBPCAD GBPAUD)Timeframe: Load the M15 chart of each variety, built-in running time, and the whole process runs by default. 300USD lot 0.01 Super Rich Trend Live Signal : Super Rich Trend Strategy :
1. Determine a box according to the trend period (parameter), the larger the period, the larger the box; 
if the current price-the bottom of the box> the trend distance (parameter), the current is an upward trend; 
if the top of the box-the current price> the trend Distance (parameter), the current downward trend.

2. The trend is determined, and then it is time to determine overbought and oversold. Uptrend, and oversold, go long; downtrend, and overbought, short.

3. Overbought and oversold are determined by shock parameters. The oscillation period (parameter) controls the number of bars to be detected; 
the oscillation interval (parameter) controls the oscillation size; the oscillation level (parameter) controls the opening level.

4. The position can be closed according to the overbought and oversold level, or according to the profit points.
Super Rich Trend

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