The Royal Hedge Fund EA (For Prop Firm) [MQ4]

Code of Royal hedge fund

{ EA Description:

The Royal Hedge Fund EA is a high frequency trading robot that has successfully passed challenges within a short amount of time with a high success rate. This EA is well known to pass the First Class Forex Fund and Blue Forex Funds. This EA is traded during the NY Session and uses the market volatility to take a few pips out of the Market. This EA works well on the eightcap server, however it has also done well with GOMarket with Traders with Edge. The reason behind this is due to the fact that they both do not have commissions on indices, and small amount of slippage.


(Check the image for propfirms that have been passed. Passed not only by us but also by whitelabeled fastpass services.)


Key Features:

-Risk % based and Fixed lot Management

-Stoploss and a trailing stop


-Name Lock, Passcode Lock


What you get:

  • Video Turtorials (How To Use/Manage EA)
  • Unlimited EA + EA setfiles (Indices US30, NAS100, DAX (GER30)
  • Access to Royal Discord Channel (Coming soon)
  • more tutorials (comin soon)


We are building a community so we know which propfirms can be passed and which cannot.


***BlueForexFunds: People have been claiming to have not gotten paid out. Please do your own research and use this EA at your own risk.

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