TopMaster EA 2.14 MT4

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TopMaster EA 2.14

TopMaster EA is a fully automated trading system on the most popular major currency pairs. The EA is catching volatility breakouts using market momentum to its advantage. It uses pure Price Action data, not relying on lagging technical indicators. It is designed to thrive during most challenging market conditions associated with high levels of uncertainty. It’s more relevant now than ever, with important recent changes on the global markets. MT5 version: Every trade is protected by SL The EA can work in 3 modes:
  • Strategy A (Recovery) – recovers faster during drawdowns by increasing position sizes after a closed loss. It gives more comfortable growth curve
  • Strategy B (Classic) – relatively rare trading, but quality of the average trade is at it’s maximum. No martingale, grid or hedging is used
  • Strategy C (Reversal) – aims to profit from the reversal of trends in markets, as most popular major pairs seem to be in the mean-reverse state right now. It gets in with a market order in the direction opposite to relatively strong fake price movement. It utilises powerful deep learning techniques to filter out market noise to leave only the most effective entries.
All modes are FIFO compliant


  • Stable growth curve as a result of a high % of winning trades
  • Stress-tested on all available history
  • Automatic GMT adjustment
  • Minimum depositis $50
  • Easy setup and use
Timeframe: M15 Currency pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD Strategy A requires you to open Account history! To view MT4 trade history, log in to MT4 and go to Terminal window where you would normally see your account balance. Choose Account history tab at the bottom. Right click within to choose All History or Last 3 Months


  • TradingStrategy – select the strategy you want to use
  • StartLotSize – proportional lot size if EnableAutoLot=true and fixed lot size in case EnableAutoLot=false
  • EnableAutoLot – trading lot will increase with an increase in your account’s balance
  • FundsForAutoLot – amount of balance to be used for every StartLotSize if EnableAutoLot=true. E.g. FundsForAutoLot=1000 andStartLotSize=0.05 means that for every $1000 there will be 0.05 lots opened
  • MaxLotSize – max allowed lot size
  • EquitySoftStop% – the EA will not open initial order if equity falls below the specified % of the balance
  • EquityHardStop% – the EA will not open any new order and will close all open positions if equity falls below the specified % of the balance
  • TradeDirection – parameter to limit direction, long/short
  • MaxNumberOpenPosition – if the max number of open positions exceeds this value, the EA will not open a new trade
  • DisableHolidays – not to trade during NY holidays
  • ShutDown – set it to true if you don’t want to trade after the current position is closed
  • SpreadFilterPips – if spread is higher than this value, the trade won’t be opened
  • MaxSlippagePips –  max slippage for Instant account (not ECN)
GMT settings
  • GMT/DST_Offset_Auto – if true, the EA will find the GMT offset automatically. Allow requests to https:/ /www.worldtimeserver. com (delete spaces!)
  • GMT_Offset(winter)_Manual – set your broker’s time zone (in winter)
  • DaylightSavingTime_Manual – if your broker uses daylight saving time, set this to Europe or US
Main settings
  • OrderTakeProfitPips – the size of TP in pips (1 pip = 10 points)
  • OrderStopLossPips – the size of SL in pips
  • TrailStopSizePips – trailing stop when a position is in profit. The trailing stop level will follow position if it becomes increasingly profitable
  • TrailStopStartPips – number of pips to activate trailing SL
  • BreakEvenPips – profit in pips at which the EA automatically moves SL to break even
  • TradeDuration – set the max position holding time, in bars
  • HourToStopOnFriday – specify an hour to stop trading and close all open positions on Friday evening
  • MaxTrades – max number of recovery trades
  • Multiplier – recovery coeff.
  • CustomSettings – custom coefficients separated by commas
  • BasicMagicNumber – unique number to track open trades. It must be less than 99999
  • TradeComment – comment to your trades


  • Test any changes thoroughly before running EA on a live account

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