Trigger KX5 2.2 Unlimited MT4

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The indicator gives buy and sell signals in real time. When choosing a direction according to the main trend, about 75-80% of the signals are processed into profit. Absolutely all signals remain on the chart and do not change their position, so you can easily test the operation of the indicator both on the history and in the strategy tester. The indicator settings are simple and logical: the Velocity parameter is responsible for the number and frequency of signals, the optimal value is from 10 to 40 depending on the working timeframe, the History parameter is responsible for the number of bars in the history on which signals will be displayed. Too high a value of this parameter can lead to an increased load of the terminal. The other parameters are related to alerts and notifications. The indicator is universal, it works on any timeframe and perfectly combines with any trend strategies, giving very high-quality entry points both at the beginning of the movement and for building a position on the trend. The input itself can be either at the breakdown of the signal bar, or directly when the signal appears (less reliably). I recommend placing the stop loss after the last significant extremum before the signal appears on the chart. Daily Forex market reviews using this and my other indicators can be viewed on my blog at the link:
Trigger KX5

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