VR Smart Grid 22.17 (Patch)

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VR Smart Grid is a Smart Trading Expert Advisor capable of closing many market positions in batches with small profits. Closing in small batches allows loss-making positions to be reduced quickly and efficiently. The advisor’s algorithm features several well-thought-out trading strategies. The main trading strategy is based on building a network of positions and closing positions in small batches for a given profit. The advisor analyses market positions and divides their lots into batches; it calculates the minimum average price to close a part of the positions. With this approach, the average price is as close to the current market price as possible, and a small fluctuation in price leads to the closure of the calculated part of the positions.For a set of files, instructions, a nice bonus write to me The monitoring of the advisor’s work can be found in the author’s profile There are 8 methods of closing market positions programmed into the trading strategy of the VR Smart Grid Expert Advisor. Depending on the chosen method, the advisor can set real or virtual TakeProfit levels. The sequence of lots can be set manually by the trader or calculated automatically using any method, including the Fibonacci calculation. The trader can manually set the distance between positions for each step or calculate it automatically. The VR Smart Grid Expert Advisor can trade financial instruments fully automatically; all that is left for the trader to do is monitor and adjust the settings. Depending on the settings, VR Smart Grid is able to monitor and follow positions opened by another advisor or trader. The advisor does not consider how a market position was opened via the terminal on a computer or by a trader on a smartphone. The trading strategy works by controlling and modifying market positions. Let’s take a rising trend as an example. The price rises, and the EA will use a trailing stop for a buy market position. The EA will add another position if the StopLoss level is in the profitable zone. With this algorithm, the main goal of the advisor is to trade without risks. In case of a downtrend in the market, the advisor will open positions for averaging with the set lot and set step; VR Smart Grid will close the whole network of positions in small parts at the slightest pullback.

VR Smart Grid Advisor Advantages:

  • Easy to set up
  • Suitable for beginners and professionals
  • Can accompany and control the positions of other advisors
  • The advisor automatically takes into account commissions and swaps
  • Can work with any financial instruments (Forex, Crypto, CFD, Futures, Metals)
  • Can be optimised in the strategy tester
  • Can trade on any timeframe
  • Has several trading modes, trend-following, counter-trending
  • Has several modes of averaging, including smart and partial averaging

General recommendations:

  • Monitor the performance of the advisor and change the settings in good time.
  • Test on demo accounts, in conditions as close as possible to real ones.
  • Use a VPS server.
  • Don’t let big risks.
  • Configure your MetaTrader to send Push messages to receive messages from your EA to your smartphone.
  • Contact the author of the program for more information.
  • Take a close look at the program settings in the blog.
  • The program is accompanied by:
  • Free updates.
  • Free technical support.
  • Sets of configuration files, contact the author.

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