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FREE BSS Scalping EA



EA works on based on HFT (high frequency trading) algorithm. Its mean trades average holding time remains in seconds. EA put two stop orders 1 buy stop and 1 sell top at near current price. And these two stop orders frequently keep modifying at predefined timer in seconds at predefined distance from current price. And during news events and sudden high volatility events EA took these orders into trades. And while a stop order becomes a trade after it second stop order deleted and trailing stop function started.

You needs set parameters according to attached video of test result & parameters tab.Live Account Monitoring

https://www.mql5.com/en/users/shahidjalally/sellerFeaturesReady to go without any particular setup.Minimum deposit: $100 or above.It is possible to set the maximum spread size.Supports any execution type.The Expert Advisor works with any broker.The product works with three and five-digit quotes.ECN account is recommended.

AdvantagesNo martingale.No hedging.No risky strategy elements.


  • Lot – Lot
  • AutoLot – Automatic Lot
  • Capital Risk Percent – Capital Risk Percent
  • MaxSpread – MaxSpread
  • SleepTime – Sleep Minutes on Abnormal Spread
  • ProfitTarget – Daily Profit Target Percent
  • Delta – max-Distance for Set Pending Orders
  • maxDuration – Pending Orders Max Duration in Seconds
  • StopLoss – StopLoss in Pipettes
  • TrailingStop – TrailingStop in Pipettes
  • TrailingStep – TrailingStep in Pipettes
  • Trail – Trail in Pipettes
  • MAGIC – Magic Number
  • Slippage – Slippage
  • StartHour – Start Hour In Server Time
  • EndHour – End Hour in Server Time

Requirements:No need specified leverage for automatic lot calculation as this function works at any leverage.Recommended pair: GBPUSD.Not need any specified set file for different pairs, just use default parameters.TimeFrame: H1VPS: A VPS with good latency rate.

Instructions for installing the advisor:
This trading robot uses a custom DLL «msimg32.dll». Some antiviruses can block it and mark it as a virus. You need to make your antivirus «allow it». This false alarm is triggered because it is a custom DLL and is not verified by any publisher, but is required to unblock the advisor.
The library will work up to build 1320 inclusive. If your build is over 1320 you need to download this terminal and place it with a replacement in the root directory.
To disable auto-update of MT4 terminal do the following:
-Go to the folder C: / Users / Username / AppData / Roaming / MetaQuotes . Delete the entire «WebInstall» folder with all its contents.
-Create a file of any content named WebInstall.
For example, you can create a text document in notepad and rename it, remembering to remove the ending .txt.

Installation: unzip the library file «msimg32» and drop it into the root directory of the terminal, next to terminal.exe. Then restart the terminal.


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